Case Study

A Coal Mining contractor in Indonesia understands the importance of technology in mine operations and routinely invests time and money to increase revenue, reduce costs and improve safety. 

In this case the contractor utilizes a three-prong hauling pattern, each with different advantages and disadvantages.  At present the contractor needs a system that can assist in analyzing the individual haul routes and activities so that informed decisions can be made as to when a specific haul route should be used and by which vehicles.  In addition, there are various types of heavy equipment used in the process of digging and transporting the materials.  There are over 100 haul trucks  and 20 loaders operating at all times in different locations.  Hours are lost/wasted with shovel hang times, truck queuing times, unscheduled stops and the in ability to monitor and dispatch in real-time.

The coal hauling operations include many trucks traveling long distances so it is imperative that the safety is also improved to prevent accidents (vehicle down time) and loss of life.  

Unsafe conditions include the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Over speed - in a hurry and under speed - when operator is tired

To sum things up, the contractor wants to optimize operations which are complex and improve safety.

Coal Hauling Routes Within the Mine

The customer has three coal hauling routes and wants to track the trucks, loaders at the pit, and long haul to the port.

SNCTechnologies Solution

1.  Set the Goals

  • Optimize coal hauling operations which are complex
  • Reduce wait and hang time 
  • Improve safety

2.  Needs Assessment

  • Interview Operations People
  • Review Vehicle Movements and occurring problem
  • Gather Operation Reports
  • Assess current reporting system
  • Inventory current onsite communicaitons equipment
  • 3D Survey of mine site for communication towers 

3.  Make A Plan 

After reviewing the information gathered from the needs assessment it was determined that the best solution for this mine site would be the installation of MineTrack to provide:

  • Location tracking
  • Geofencing
  • Status (Down, delay, standby, idle) tracking
  • Activity tracking
  • Material tracking
  • Assignment
  • Overspeed alert
  • Reporting
  • Use a combination of WiFi and GSM communication system

4.  Implement Plan

After the Plan was completed the following equipment was used to implement the plan.


  • Server
  • PC desktop for dispatcher
  • Network equipment
  • Onboard equipment: a integrated CPU and touchscreen display
  • MineTrack Software


  • WiFi Network
  • GSM Network
  • Installed Tower