UHF/VHF Equipment

GlobalTrack’s ST-GT-UV is the UHF of VHF multi-purpose radio device for MineTrack GPS tracking system.  This same device can be used for a central transmitter, repeater and client receiver.  In addition the ST-GT-UV is also equipped with I/O port for external relay and Serial port for sensor reading.


Long Range Operation Up to 30 Km for UHF and 40KM for VHF (depending upon actual terrain)
Real-Time Position and status updates are available and up-dated every 10 seconds for approximately 50 untis.  No other system has as fast an up-date as MineTrack systems.
Store and Forward All transmitters can also store-and-forward and repeat for a wide area coverage.
Multi Purpose The same radio can be used for base, repeater and client receiver (with additional accessories)
Flexible Reporting The system can be configured to transmit position and status reports at pre-set time intervals when it moves a certain distance.
Simple to Interface Will easily interface with eternal devices such as displays and microprocessors.
Over-The-Air Diagnostic The configuration and operation of a ST GX can be remotely tested using over-the-air commands from any other ST GX system.
Secure All position reports are 128-bit AES encrypted for secure communications.
Very Low Power Consumption A sleep mode allows the device to be active and consume almost no power to all and an external “Ignition Sense” input will automatically turn on/off the device without losing any GPS data.
Rugged and Weather Proof Designed and tested for rugged environments with an optional IP65 version.
High Speed and High Efficiency Operates with fast-over-the air data rates of 4,800 to 19200 bps with fast-switching data transmission.
Proximity Alerts ST GZ may be configured to transmit and alert whenever it is in the proximity of another ST GX.
TDMA The Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA) access scheme is based on the time-division multiplexing (TDM) scheme provides different time slots to different data-streams in a cyclically repetitive frame structure.  For example, node 1 may use time slot 1, node 2 time slot 2, etc. until the last transmitter.  Then it starts all over again, in a repetitive pattern, until a connection is ended and that slot becomes free or assigned to the other node.