Overview MineTrack VHF/UHF System

MineTrack VHF/UHF system is perfect for environments that don’t have a clear line of site due to mountainous or heavily forested terrain. MineTrack UHF/VHF is the solution for GPS Tracking which uses UHF or VHF frequency bands for telemetry, amateur radio and mobile radio. MineTrack uses TDMA technology which provides faster data transmission.  No other tracking system has as fast an update rate. MineTrack VHF/UHF system consists of a Base Transmitter, Repeater Units, Client Reciever and Server.

MineTrack VHF/UHF utilizes GPS satellites to determine asset or vehicle location.  Information is accessed from the tracking server using a general web browser via internet connection or via client application.  The system can also proactively send a short information message using SMS or email to the Dispatch/Monitoring person with certain predefined requirements.