TDMA Overview

  • Time Division Multiple Access TDMA is a very effective way of allowing a lot of radios to share one radio channel. It's more efficient to share a radio channel than conventional carrier methods. 
  • The following diagram illustrate how it works.

When a device wants to report its position and status, it waits until its assigned time-slot to get free air time to transmits its data. TDMA time slot is programmable and it assigned to each device. Example, device with ID 1 uses the first slot, and ID 2 uses the second slot, and so on. 

  • Status/Position Transmission.
  • Device Status/Position Transmission rate will be same with  TDMATIME/Frame or longer (multiply TDMATIME).
  • The following diagram describe: with TDMATIME 1 Second and SLOTTIME 100ms, device with transmission rate configured every 1 Second. Device with ID 0004 will transmit at 0.4 seconds, 1.4 seconds, 2.4 seconds and continue every seconds.

The following diagram describes the TDMATIME 1 second and SLOTTIME 100ms device with transmission rate configured every 2 seconds.  The ID 0004 will transmit at 2.4 second, 5.4 seconds, and continue every 3 seconds.