Case Study of System Planning and Communication - Design Example

Case Situation

In this example the MineTrack system is used for monitoring haul trucks along a 25km road from the pit stockpile to the port delivery point.  In this case the customer decided that they did not need real-time tracking along the entire route. 

Case Solution

Based on SNCTechnologies Engineering survey a Wireless Point-to-Point link from the Pit Tower to the Port Tower was installed.

The diagrams below are part of the survey results.  They show the elevation of the terrain between two proposed tower locations and whether or not line-of-sight WiFi communications can be established.


In this case, since there is not continuous coverage along the entire route, the MineTrack system will not be able to send the truck’s GPS tracking position in real-time as the truck moves along the haul road. However, the MineTrack onboard system has special capabilities unlike other standard tracking systems. All GPS data is stored onboard and is uploaded all data when the truck enters the WiFi zone areas located at the loading point and the dumping point. The system will provide information about the trucks cycles when entering the loading point, leaving the loading point, again at the stockpile, around the stockpile and will ensure the truck dumps the correct material type at the correct stockpile.


An alternative solution would be to install repeaters along the entire route to give real-time coverage and reporting.