Monitoring and Reporting Software

The MineTrack Software developed by SNCTechnologies is a Windows based software application for displaying and tracking the activity of vehicles. It displays the location of the tracked vehicles on a map image and has a rich set of features for monitoring and reporting the system activity.

The monitoring screen user interface is designed with the dispatcher and supervisor in mind. It is very easy to quickly locate vehicles, identify alerts, and determine the nearest resource. 

This easy-to-use GPS tracking software application displays the location and status of trucks or vessels, equipped with a MineTrack.  The displayed map may be any graphic image, bitmap, tiff, geotiff, or jpg and map file such ESRI’s shapefiles (shp) and Franson GPS’s MapLib operating under Windows Vista or Windows Server. MineTrack Software is an excellent single-user or multi-user vehicle tracking program.  

MineTrack software's quick-locate feature, managed alerts, fast-response time, and rich set of alert rules make MineTrack Software's ideal for use in dispatch centers.

For Reporting purposes, MineTrack  uses SQL Reporting Services. The MineTrack standard reports include :

a.  Vehicle Detail

Vehicle information details events such as position, speed, status (stop, start and inMotion) and heading. 

b.  Group Detail

This report provides details for all units in the same group, note: a group can be defined as any vehicles and labled such as 'A', 'B', or 'Haultrucks', etc.

c.  Group Summary

This is report of defined statistics for a 'Group'.

Additional customized reports can be provided upon request.


Server and Dispatch Center

A main server is required to host the MineTrack software. The server should be located at the main site office or site dispatch office.

For monitoring purposes, the dispatch office should be equipped with computers and LCD monitoring screen/s. The number of PC’s depends on the individual site requirements. Below is the example diagram of a server room and dispatch center:

Communications Network

SNCTechnologies will design an appropriate communications network to support the backhaul of the tracking data which is custom designed for the mine site. Depending upon the customer needs, the network can be built to allow for continuous coverage or spot coverage.  'Continuous coverage' provides full real-time coverage along the entire route.  With 'spot coverage' the GPS data is stored for areas without overage and then uploaded to the system when the vehicle enters a covered area.

Depending on the coverage and type of radios used, a number of communication towers must be established along the route. These towers are either portable or fixed towers. Portable towers are solar powered. Communication towers are either fixed or portable. Fixed towers can be solar powered and portable towers are either wheel or skid mounted and solar powered.