Onboard LCD Touch Screen Monitor

MineTrack onboard systems consist of a rugged, easy to use LCD touch screen with integrated display and processor, WiFi communications and GPS tracking capabilities. Operators receive their assignments and update their status with this interactive onboard unit. The moving mine map display always show the operator their current position and where their next assignment (loader, dump, other equipment) is located.  The onboard screen also shows the location of all other equipment fitted with MineTrack.

Monitoring Capabilities and Optional Features
  • Location 
  • Out of Bounds 
  • Unauthorized Stops 
  • Overspeed 
  • Speed Alarms 
  • Start/Stop Alerts 
  • Engine On/Off Status 
  • Fuel Level Monitoring 
  • Idle Times and Alarms 
  • Load Weight (weighbridge) 
  • Moving Mine Map 
  • Messaging (between dispatch to operator)
  • Capture Operator ID/ Login

  • Open/Close Door (vehicle or container)
  • Engine Temperature
• Engine Monitoring
  • Voice Communication (VoIP)

  • Billing Based on Engine Hours/Operations
  • Remote Access/Monitoring

  • Wireless or Manual (store and forward)

  • Rugged (vibration and heat resistant)

  • Fully Customizable
  • Real-time or Scheduled Data Up-dates

  • Full Online KPI Dashboards and Printed Reports